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kitmytrip story and history
Holidays crafted your way

kitmytrip — The Social Travel Marketplace

Who we are

kitmytrip is a travel technology company, on a mission to transform travel services to meet the needs of today’s digital traveller. Launched in 2016, with a single-minded goal of reducing the painful complexities of the current travel planning and booking process, kitmytrip has served over 100,000 customers till date and consistently scores high customer satisfaction ratings, driven by the company wide zeal for customer happiness.

Born in Dubai, being built in the UK, UAE, India and made for the world, kitmytrip is a true international endeavour, helmed by the two passionate co-founders Ashish Sidhra and Saurabh Bhatnagar who have over 35 years of digital, e-commerce and travel services experience between them.

With several world first innovations in the pipeline, kitmytrip excitedly looks forward to continuing to disrupt the travel industry status quo.

kitmytrip team
The kitmytrip team at DXB.

With offices in UAE and UK, a humble team of two has steadily grown to over 25 today.

kitmytrip also boasts retail presence at two major airport terminals in Dubai - Terminal 1 & Terminal 3.

kitmytrip is evolving — It's the next gen travel tech company for earnin

The social travel marketplace for the people, by the people.
Plan, Book, Share & Earn — All on ONE platform.

  • Plan

    Planning for a trip is often considered a daunting, painful process. With Infinity, it does not have to be. From building custom itineraries with a few clicks to using existing ones made by other users, our platform takes the pain away from travel planning.

  • Book

    So you've taken some time off and you're exicted. Imagine now - booking your flights, hotels, attractions, local transport etc. - all on one platform based on your travel plan. We make this booking experience a reality and give you the best prices while we're at it!

  • Share

    Don't just make memories - share them with your friends and family. With simple sharing tools available at your fingertips, Infinity makes it easy for you to share your travel experiences with the world.

  • Earn

    kitmytrip gives travellers an opportunity to earn while they travel. The more people that use the platform to plan and book, the more money you can make.

kitmytrip founder video of Ashish and Saurabh

The kitmytrip founders have a candid chat about how it all started, their passion for travel and what lies ahead...

Our journey so far...

kitmytrip has grown leaps and bounds from its inception in 2016, withstanding a pandemic and evolving with the needs of the industry.

kitmytrip born in Dubai

kitmytrip is established in Dubai with a connectivity service as the first offering.

Dubai Airport launch

We go live with retail presence at Dubai Airports - Terminal 1 & Terminal 3.

Infinity takes shape

We release the first iteration of our Infinity modular platform. We inaugurate our UK office.

Attractions launched

Experiences & attractions launched as the second offering for the UAE market with great success.

Infinity & EU expansion

We weather the Covid storm. We continue to invest in the Infinity platform. We launch services in Europe and inaugurate our flagship store in DXB T3.

Global expansion

We take advantage of the power of the Infinity platform to rapidly expand to 178 global destinations and plan to introduce multiple new service offerings.

Trailblazing in the travel tech industry.

Powered by Infinity, an in-house, next-gen technology platform, kitmytrip’s travel marketplace is the most convenient, simple, and trusted place to explore and book a selection of curated experiences.

  • 178 Countries

    One-stop-shop for time-challenged global travellers to book an increasing range of travel services across 178 destinations.

  • 100,000+ Customers

    Consistently scoring high on customer satisfaction ratings, driven by a company wide zeal for customer happiness.

  • US$ 5m Revenue

    Rapid multi-fold growth in revenue year on year owing to customer trust and steadily increasing business.

Meet the crew

Meet the crew at kitmytrip –  hear their story, get to know the challenges they overcame & what they learned along the way.

Ashish Sidhra Co-Founder

Ashish Sidhra


Saurabh Bhatnagar Co-Founder

Saurabh Bhatnagar



Rated 4+ on REVIEWS.io

  • "The store is conveniently located in the airport and the staff were very helpful, going to extra effort to help get me and my wife connected.”
    Shaun Kirk
    Verified Customer
  • "The service was fast, efficient and pleasant. The prices were also very reasonable. Definately reccomend for anyone arriving at DXB"
    Verified Customer
  • "Very nice to deal with the front office team they are very polite and really willing to help the passengers, hope for them to continue the nobel and great work!"
    Zuhair Mohamed Hasan
    Verified Customer
  • "I got tickets for my whole family at very good price. Highly recommend"
    Ayyub Muhamad Allah
    Verified Customer

Serving the customers of...

kitmytrip has established strong partnerships with a number of global companies, which have always resulted in innovative & mutually beneficial initiatives.

  • SBI cards - partner
  • Booking.com & kitmytrip
  • Dubai airport partner
  • du EITC partner
  • Etisalat logo
  • Dubai Tourism Logo